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Founder and Principal Designer

After ten years as a pharmacist, I found myself in need of a creative outlet. While still practicing pharmacy, I followed my passion for design and enrolled in New York School of Interior Design’s healthcare interior design program. Through these studies I began to see the incredible connection between my two great loves—interiors and helping others feel their best. Now, using my extensive background in wellness combined with my love for good design, I create spaces that inspire people to live and feel well. Since founding Well by Design, I have helped numerous families across the country create their own personal refuge that is beautifully refined and inspires them to live their ideal lifestyle.

My work is rooted in my ability to marry style and substance, never sacrificing one for the other. This philosophy of balance is central to how I approach life and my design projects. As a certified Wellness Within Your Walls designer, I prioritize the environment and the health of you and your family by choosing safe, organic, and sustainable materials. Additionally, I make a concerted effort to use and purchase from my personal network of quality artisans and small businesses whenever possible.

In support of the health and safe refuge of all, I donate a portion of each project fee to a charity aligned with my company values, supporting a different one every month. It is my belief that a truly healthy lifestyle is achieved through balance of intentional choices and consistent practices. When we are mindful of what we fill our minds, bodies, and lives with, we can be well—by design.

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