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All About WxD Delivered: Our Bespoke Virtual Design Service

At WellxDesign, we know the importance of details. From the furniture down to the cabinet hardware—and everything in between—each piece of your home should speak to you while contributing to the overall feel and function.

With a love of gorgeous interiors, a background in wellness as a pharmacist, and a degree in healthcare design—I wanted to merge the best of these worlds to create beautiful spaces where clients could thrive. I also wanted to simplify the design process, using a virtual space to communicate and discover. That’s why we established WxD Delivered, our complete design experience delivered virtually to help you create the perfect environment for your life.

At WellxDesign, we believe your home should be a sanctuary—a place of respite and relaxation. Your home should welcome you and provide balance, beauty, and refuge from the world. If this sounds like something you're longing to create in your home (or perhaps a room), read on to learn more about WxD Delivered.

Well by Design: Service Options

Depending on the timeline, budget, and level of service you’re seeking, we offer three primary design services, from a simple consultation to a full furnishing experience.

Virtual Consultation

For minor design dilemmas, our virtual consultation is an excellent option. You'll receive a ninety-minute Zoom session as we screen share and discuss the best options for your space. The virtual consultation is ideal for those looking for assistance with paint choices, sourcing a few specific items, curating accessories to complete a room, or adjusting the layout using existing pieces. We'll find a way to make your space functional and beautiful while capturing the mood and feeling you're hoping to evoke.

WxD Planned

Designing at a distance is our specialty. We work off of photos, measurements, and your personal style to give you an elevated and detailed design plan you can implement on your own for any number of spaces in your home.

We begin each project by understanding your project details and personal goals. Then we work to create a lasting design for your space by incorporating natural materials and quality products that will live well for years to come. This service includes the design plan, space plan, and detailed shopping list with easy-to-purchase links. It does not include product procurement, project management, or implementation of the design.

The WxD Delivered Experience

For those who want a more robust level of service, WxD Delivered is the perfect choice for you. After we meet for a virtual consultation, where we gather all the details about your project, I’ll get to work on helping you create the perfect space.

As part of the WxD Delivered experience, you’ll receive a mood board with carefully curated images and options for your unique space. I'll help you decide on a custom floor plan to maximize the room's functionality. I'll take care of the sourcing, providing you with shoppable links (ordering and procuring the products for you, if you prefer).

As part of the WxD Delivered package, you'll receive on-going support for 60 days upon delivery of your design as we work to ensure the room is precisely what you hoped it would become. We’ll guide you through your questions right down to where to place that vase or how to style your built-ins.

Photography: Caroline Sharpnack

How to Know if WxD Delivered is the Right Solution for You

It's often hard to decide what type of service you need. You may have incredible taste but aren't sure about sourcing for your vision. You may have a few excellent foundation furniture pieces that you're hoping to build into the design. Or you may wonder how to help a room feel cohesive and "put together" without seeming stiff or too formal.

At WellxDesign, we’re here to help with these design dilemmas and more. WxD Delivered is the perfect solution for all of the above concerns. Not to mention, it saves you money because you do the measuring and photos of your space on your own—money that you can use towards beautiful furnishings to complete your space. Interior design is a luxury investment, and we believe in investing in quality furnishings over "fast furniture" always.

We work with an array of rooms as well as homes of all shapes and sizes. Cultivating the right feeling and atmosphere is essential no matter the type of home.

I’m fond of the old-world-meets-new charm found in combining vintage pieces and handcrafted items with functional clean, and modern furniture. I love the way textures, patterns, and layered materials have the power to transform a space. I also love to play with tonality and weight—brass and nickel fixtures against wooden beams, marble countertops, and clay tiles paired with soft linens, and modern lighting. You can always find more of our design style and inspiration by visiting WellxDesign on Instagram. Each client and each room are different, unique, and personal. We’ll work together to pinpoint your style and project goals.

Before we move ahead with WxD Delivered, we'll schedule a complimentary discovery call. We'll review the project and get a feel for what you're hoping to achieve with the space(s) during our call. We'll also make sure that we click and that we're on the same page regarding expectations and design goals—so there are no worries about committing to a designer that you've never met, only to discover the two of you don't share the same vision.

Once we decide to work together, I'll send you more details, including our proprietary client toolkit and questionnaire. These guides will help you get down all the details and subtle nuances you want to include within your space. We’ll review it all together and go in-depth to explore all aspects of the area, your personal style, and your goals for the room.

Throughout the concept design and design development phases, we’ll communicate and share feedback. You will be able to make adjustments and review samples as we go to ensure your space meets your expectations and works well for your needs and how you live. I believe that communication and engagement are crucial to our success with WxD Delivered. Home design is a deeply personal, intimate endeavor. It's essential that we can openly discuss and assess as we go. The process usually takes around six to eight weeks, but it can vary depending upon the project.

Once the design is complete and delivered to you for implementation, I offer 60 days of continued support. Often questions come up about how to arrange a corner or adjust certain items. We want your space to be as practical and comfortable as possible while still nailing down each design element and goal of your project. You'll have time to make the adjustments you need with professional guidance.

Photography: Caroline Sharpnack

What You Need to Know About Our Most Robust Offering, WxD Delivered

I value my clients dearly. Because of my pharmaceutical background, I have strong attention to detail, and I am very meticulous in my approach to design work. I also believe that your rooms should be both healthy and inviting. You should feel entirely at home in your space, and I want to help you get there.

Often throughout the process, clients will want to keep a select few sentimental furnishings and incorporate them into the design and décor. Whenever possible, we work to ensure that your existing pieces can fit into the design and complement the new selections.

We also work carefully within your budget, but it’s important to note that we try to source all items for their quality and from reputable sellers. We will always encourage you to purchase well-made, sustainable items that will last longer and beautify your living space. Whenever possible, we also incorporate the healthiest, most natural materials, and try to keep the design process "clean" and eco-friendly. What is best for our health is often best for the planet.

At WellxDesign and through our premium WxD Delivered service, we help you take the hassle and stress out of the design process. Through continued communication and feedback we work to ensure an efficient experience from start to finish, while putting your investment toward what matters most—the design. Most of us spend a great deal of time in our homes. They should be a place of comfort, respite, beauty, and ultimately joy.

I adore my job and love the opportunity to help you become more connected and comfortable with your personal space. Reach out today to receive a copy of our Investment Guide which explains this service and others in even further detail—and see how WxD Delivered can work for you.

X Lauren


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